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Hands on Mission Project!

Hiwassee District: We will be collecting Health Kits with a Goal of 400 for our entire district.

Pack these items in a 2-gallon Zip-Loc bag: 

1 hand towel

1 washcloth

2 toothbrushes

2 tubes toothpaste (6.4. oz. or less)

1 bottle shampoo (15 oz. or less)

1 bottle lotion (18 oz. or less)

1 bottle roll-on deodorant (4 oz. or less)

1 small spray perfume/cologne/body mist (4 oz. or less) 

Pack these separately in sandwich-size Zip-Loc bag. Please do NOT put in larger 2-gallon bag: 

1 tube antibacterial ointment (1 oz.)

1 bottle Tylenol/acetaminophen 500mg (24 ct.)